Customer Name Works Scope Of Work Location Working Period Value (THB.)
PTT Polyethylene Company Limited Hiring Construction ET-001-12 PTTPE Piping/Steel Structure/ Construction and Civil Work PTT Polyethylene Company Limited April 2012 ~ July 2012 5,086,841.00
Glow Energy Public Company Limited MP Steam Back Up Pipeline to Deaerator of Cogeneration Tank Unit 1&2 Piping Structure/Construction Work Glow Energy GSPP2 Plant April 2012 ~ 2012 5,900,000.00
Gheco-One Company Limited The Wind Shield at East Side of Gheco-One‘s Coal Pile Project Steel Structure, Construction and Civil Work Glow Energy GSPP3 Plant April 2012 ~ 2012 41,330,000.0
Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited Steel Structure for Pipe Bridge and Pipe Racks PTTUT Piping Modify, Fabrication and Installation, Steel Structure and Foundation Bangkok Industrial Gas Company Limited Febluery 2012 ~ June 2013 2,480,000.00